The Pump Rooms

Pump Rooms

The Pump Rooms were built in 1862 at the rear of The Crow Hotel by the Tenbury Improvement Company. It was originally believed that the waters from the well had healing properties and that Tenbury might evolve as another of England’s famous spa towns. This, however, was not to be. The building was designed by James Cranston of Birmingham who based the design on his own greenhouse. It was one of the earliest examples of prefabrication, with the sheets being made in Birmingham and assembled on site. The building became derelict at the end of the 20th century but thanks to a grant was fully restored for the Millennium and now takes the form of a community hall, a Register Office for weddings etc., and the office of the Tenbury Town Clerk. The remains of the well can be seen inside the base of the tower. The Pump Rooms is now recognised as one of the distinctive features of the town and appears on merchandising and advertising. Telephone the Town Clerk on 01584 810118 for opening times or to make arrangements to view.

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